Attain 3.60 backup server

Hi! we have attain 3.60 on a windows 2000 server with its own database (32 gb) running, 1 Xeon Processor and 2 GB RAM. our database is on 16 different disks. (database1.fdb, database2.fdb …) We have the following backupserver: Two disk - one for system and attain - second for navision database one 32 GB fdb file. These two servers are with a wan connected. I want once the week restore the original navision database on the backupserver. (automatically?) Who can me say the exactly steps how i could make that? Thanks!

Use HotCopy.exe that comes with the installation cd to copy the 16 files to the second hard disk. For opening it remember that when you choose the file to open you’ve to indicate it in the following way: database1.fdb+database2.fdb+…+database16.fdb Regards,

I think You’ll end up with a parameter that is to long to start the test server (maybe). I so, rename the files to db1.fdb, db2.fdb and so on /Lars

Hi, we have two servers, NT and 2000. On the NT we have Navision Attain 3.6 with the database. Every day we make a backup from NT to 2000 automatically with hotcopy, it’s great. On NT start the NT-Scheduler. Create a Backup.ini in the file where hotcopy.exe is, like c:\programme\navision attain\database server3.6. The following parameter should be in the Backup.ini: [Backup Files] X:\database.fdb=Y:\Backup\ [Options] Description=Backup dbtest=maximal cc=no servername=localhost user=xxx password=yyy osauthentification=no nettype=tcp Now start the command on NT an give following parameters like: at 22:00 /every:mo,di,mi,do,fr c:\programme\navision attain\database server3.6\hotcopy.exe source=Backup.ini Make sure you have admin access in navision.

Hi, i forgot something. If you have a database with 10 GB, the free space for a backup must be 20 GB, because navision creates first an backup database and than a fdb.