exactly hotcopy syntax for my case?

Hi! we have navision 3.60 (soon 3.70) running with its own database on a windows 2000 server. The original Navision database is on 16 disks database1.fd, database2.fdb … (each disk is 8 GB and the navision file is 4 GB - the whole database is 64GB) I have on an other location also a windows 2000 backup server with navision 3.60 (soon 3.70) running. This server should be for emergency only. There I have only one databse.fdb file with 64GB. Who can me say the right syntax of the hotcopy statement in my special case? Is it posible to copy these 16 database.fdb files to only one database.fdb file on my backup server? On my backup server I have navision 3.60 with one database file (fdb) installed. Is there something more to do on my backup navision server? Thanks

No, you can’t autojoin them in hotcopy. Create 16 hdd partitions on the backup server. So for each driveletter on the original server create a partition on the backup server.

You can create 16 folders on your backup server and run HotCopy for every db. I haven’t tried this. Maybe HotCopy does backup for all db at once.

I believe you can start the backup server with the parameter database=file01.fdb+file02.fdb+…+filenn.fdb

You really need a combination of the above… by this I mean each of the replies give you a part of the solution. firstly create multiple directories on your test/backup server eg g:\db1 g:\db2 …g:\db16 then map each of these drives as individual shares that hot copy can see. setup hot copy to create the db parts in each of the folders, then start fin using the database=g:\db1\db1.fdb+g:\db2\db2.fdb etc…