Navision 3.60 Backup Server

Hi! We have Navision 3.60 with its own database running on a windows 2000 server. Now we want to make a backupserver on an other location for this database. When our production server makes problems we want that our users work with the backupserver (read only). Therefore the navision database on the backupserver should not be older than some days. Our Navision database is 64 GB - the *.fbk files are 6 and about 10 GB. What is the solution for me? Thanks!

If You are running on SQL You should use the built-in functions for Stand-By Server. If You are running on C/SIDE You should look at hotcopy.exe. On SQL You get the best soultion. Backup of transaction log and restore in stand-by server. You only transfer changes. With hotcopy You allways take a full backup which You have to transfer to Your backup server.

Also. Take a look here. Really interesting!

Hi Lars, where can i find Hotcopy.exe ?

Dam… I should first read … but on my Nvision 2.00 is no Hotcopy.exe !!!

Why not upgrade Your executables to 3.70? Allways stick to latest executables.