Navision 3.6 and Windows Vista

Does anyone know if there is a fix that will allow Navision 3.6 to run on Windows Vista Business?




Just do some forum search for "Vista" - this question has been asked already for bazillion times…

In short, the answer is NO - only from 4.0SP3 up promised by MS.

4.00SP3 WITH hotfix for Windows Vista!

If you want to run 3.6 and Vista there are two technical solutions.

  1. Have terminal services with a 3.6 Client installed, and from your Vista Machine you can run the TS. This can be setup so that it opens up, and log’s into Navision. Then when the client is closed, terminal services closes with it.

  2. Run a Virtual PC on your Vista Machine with the Navision 3.6 client. Ensure that you setup the Network correctly and it should be fine.

I think option 1 is the best solution personally for a number of reasons. No huge VPC files, you can “Easily” minimise the Navision window, rather than have to minimise the VPC window.