NAV 4 and NAV 4 SP2 clients on same computer

Hi everyone, A requirement came up when we need to be able to run both Nav 4 and Nav 4 SP2 clients on the computer to be able to work with two different SQL Server databases (one has SP2 applied and other does not and won’t be for the time being…). When installing SP2 client it shuts with error message saying that the previous client needs uninstalled first. I wonder if anyone encountered the same issue and worked around this somehow… maybe hidden switches to the setup.exe file and specifying a different folder somehow? Thank you! Regards Alex Alexeev

-install old client (4.00).
-copy the client (4.00) to a new directory.
-de-install the old client (4.00).
-install new client (SP2)

And if you need also SP3, you can copy the subdir of SP2, de-install it and install SP3.

Now create shortcuts to the fin.exe (or finsql.exe) for connecting the correct DB.

I (and I am not alone…) use this system already for years on my portable (I have from 2.00 to 4.0SP3 in W1 AND IT,so…) and never had problems.

I currently use Navision versions 2.0a thru 4.0sp3 in this manner. I keep the latest version installed. When installing a newer version, I copy the old version to it’s own folder, uninstall it, then create a shortcut to that “fin.exe”.

I just upgraded my only remaining v2.x customer. He went from 2.01a to 4.0sp3.

Thank you for sharing this, it worked a charm. Great! I should have thought of trying that but was worried that perhaps any associated registry keys would get messed up. Thanks again!