Installation in SQL 2005

I installed the propreitary version of Navision 4 in my laptop(Windows XP professional with database SQL 2005)

Proprietary version is working fine.

I opened up the SQL option and created a new database called CRONUS. I restored the back up from the file database.fbk

The demo database opened up and I was able to see the details of the chart of account

I am using a default licence coming with the product

I logged out and logged in again into SQL option of the Navision. After entering the user name and password, I get a error message that session table has got a field the type of which is inconsistent

Have you come across this problem?

How to resolve this?

Thanks in advance


  1. Which version exactly you are using? 4.00, 4.00SP1, 4.00SP2, 4.00SP3?
  2. You need at least 4.00SP2 + update 1 to be able to run NAV on MS SQL 2005 smoothly.

Hi Kine

I have only version 4.0 CD with me.

Earlier I was working for a Microsoft certified partner.

At present I am a freelancer and I do not have any access to MBS website. Hence I do not have the service packs.

Is there any way I can download it?

Thanks and Regards



Here you could download the most recent NAV client: (and previous versions, too)

Thank you Jorg

As mentioned in my mail, I have already installed version 4, now can I go ahead and install SP3 directly or I need to load SP1, SP2 and then SP3

Thanks in advance


This NAV 4.00 SP3 W1 client is a full client installation, you don’t need SP1 or SP2. Actually, you could uninstall your current client and just install the new one!

P.S.: If you are looking for a local version of NAV you could check out this, too:

Thank you once again

I am downloading, I will keep you updated

Yes, I had earlier installed selecting the country as Middle East. I check up, but could not get middle east version

Hence I will be installating W1 version instead






Thank you very much, it worked