3.10A and 3.60 Client

I have the 3.10a client running on a machine and I attempted to install 3.60 client in a different directory. However, when I installed 3.60, even though it was a diff directory, it removed fin.exe and finsql.exe from the original 3.10A folder. Is it possible to have 3.10 and 3.60 peacefully co-exist on a machine I am running Windows XP Media Center Edition, which XP Pro with some added media functionality Thanks

You just missed to check the radio button “New Installation” in the installation program. The default is “Upgrade” (or something like that), and that removes older versions.

You don’t really need to use the install to make Navision work. You could just have to copy the client directory after the install and put it in any other directory. Not only you can have multiple versions of Navision Client installed, but you can also run multiple client simultaneously! (different versions or not) In your case, you could only replace your lost 3.10 files back in your 3.10 directory and everything will work fine. Regards,

Lars was correct, I moved to quickly thru installation, when I checked “New Installation” it left my other executables along. The only problem is the zup file, in that the two versions share a zup file, and I am not sure how to use parameters to point to a specific zup file

You need to create Your own shortcuts to fin.exe and finsql.exe and add ID=XXX to You command line. Like this: 3.10 Client: [drive]:[path]\fin.exe id=310 3.60 Client: [drive]:[path]\fin.exe id=360 Then You’ll gett separate zup-files for Your clients.

But have you tried 3.70. I can not get 3.10, 3.60 and 3.70 to comfortably coexist. They all work, but I do get issues with Help not registering correctly. So now in 3.60, I can not switch to the C/Side help from the application help, I need to go (for example) to designer, press F5 and then F1. I am going to try uninstalling 3.70, reinsalling 3.60, and then 3.70 again. Anyone else got any help help.

Well… i’ve all versions from 2.00 to 3.70 installed and working on my laptop… and never had that problem (just installed and/or copied each different client on a different folder). And i’m still having the help sistem working… Regards,

Hi I have 1.10 to 3.70 on my PC. Like David, I have found that 3.60 and 3.70 (Beta) don’t like each other. 3.70 seems to have done something nasty to my 3.60 help files. [}:)] I am going to re-install 3.60 when I get a moment.

I have versions 1.30 thru to 3.70 on my pc and I don’t seem to have any problems with help.