upgrade to 3.70A

We are in the process of upgrading a client from 3.10 to 3.70A(SQL database) What are the issues with running two versions of Navision concurrently on the server as we don’t want to “kill” 3.10 until we are satisfied with our upgrade?

I use one (local) SQL server to run 2.60PL, 3.60SI, 3.70W1 for development purposes. There are no problems other than load of server. Beacuse of different collations/code pages used I must sometimes switch Language for Non-Unicode Programs in REgional settings to be able to connect. Newer clients (3.70, also 3.60) don’t have this limit. Also one thing is that you must use the same license file, unless you have “License per DB” granule (avail. from 3.60). Then you can upload different license in each DB (>=3.60). Otherwise no other special issues…

Steve, there are not really issues on it. In fact you can make your life a bit easier upgrading the server 3.10 executables and the 3.10 database to use 3.70 executables (so you’ll have the clients with just one installed client instead of two of them). Is the 3.10 database in SQL too or it’s using native?

Thanks for the response guys. Alfonso, The 3.10 database is SQL, also.

if you only use Navision this is fine. If you use any external programs (like outlook integration) then having more than one Navision version will cause big problems, because different navision versions use different versions of dll’s, and you can only have one version registered.

Just do an executables upgrade on the 3.10 database (the easiest way is backing up, uninstalling executables, installing the new ones, create a new empty database and restore the backup) and you’ll be able of working without problems with both :). On the SQL version you won’t need in fact changing.