i need 2 versions of Navision on one computer!!

each time i try to install a second version, it overwrites the previous…how can i install two?? thanks, Trint

check out the forum - we discussed that few weeks ago. Make sure to rename fin.zup to something like fin360.zup

I went through 30 days of this forum and didn’t see anything about installing two versions of Navision Attain. I may just not have seen it though.

hi When you install the 2nd version, choose custom in the installation option, which will not overwrite the existing the version Hari

… or simply create a copy of the entire directory of the initial installation in Windows Explorer, there is no need to run the installation a second time. Saludos Nils

Remember that if you use version 2.5 or higher it creates fin.zup in application data directory (under windows or documents and settings) directory. If you want to work comfortably you have to run each version with a shortcut like this: “C:\Program Files\NF\ver 2.60\fin.exe” id=ver260 so the zup file will be separate for each version.

best thing is to use a cmd or bat file to start navision with the different version fin.exe knows some parameter. The cmd-file could look like this one : start C:\programme\client310A\fin.exe id=c:\programme\navision\zup\p310%USERNAME%,temppath=c:\programme\navision\temp\p310%USERNAME% exit so far about the start of different version. I have installed on my laptop 2.00, 2.01, 3.00, 3.10A and 3.70 and all version are working perfect but of course they are all in different directories installed. Since attain you can define either a new installation or an upgrade → so select here the new installation and it works ok