Installing navision

Hi guys! We have some problems at the customer site and i need some advices: We have installed Navision 3.6 on each user PC but the was also Navision 2.5 already there and that they usuallu use. After installation of 3.6, client encountered some data lost. Settings have been change in their Navision 2.5. Is that possible??? If yes or no what could be the problem??? Thanks

hi, I never encountered such problems. coz i have 3.60, 3.10 and 2.60 client on the same machine. If you do not do custom installation all the version less than the current and lost on the same PC. what do u mean by data loss ? r u running NF2.5 in Client Server mode or using it on stant alone. WR Hari

Did you set id=c:\temp\username25.zup and id=c:\temp\username36.zup or whatever zup file names you prefere in each client shortcut? /LG

Hi, Just to elaborate a little on what i think Hari is saying. We had a problem when installing 3.60 on individual machines in that it removed previous versions automatically. You need to be very careful when installing and choose the custom install. This allows you to select the option of not overwriting/uninstalling previous versions of Navision somewhere along the process. I can see why it is set to overwrite automatically (ie a client isn’t often going to need the previous version when upgraded) but it can be a little frustrating [:(!] . I am afraid i can’t offer any help with the data loss issue though - beats me. Good luck with the install!