Nav 2013 Client Excel Ad On Integration

It was several months after the installation of Navision 2013 and then the creation of the client workstations that once we tested our new Navision environment the senior accountant wanted to know if we could setup a test workstation with the excel add on.
We are using server 2008R2; workstations windows 7 pro 64bit with Office 2007 pro.
On this test workstation I followed these instructions from Nick Price’s article on integrating Excel :
That was a successful integration back in January. And the months passed away until recently.
I was asked if this could be done on all the workstations. I followed the instructions as presented in the article. Sure enough if I pulled up in my test example Chart of Accounts there was the Excel Icon. On the old test machine I bring up Chart of Accounts to test and indeed the data is painted into a freshly launched Excel.
I setup on two additional workstations following Nick’s instructions. Indeed after a successful install-integration when I bring up to test Chart of Account – and after clicking on the Excel icon – the page is empty. On the old workstation the Excel page is populated; on the new workstations the page is empty.
I am in need of assistance.
Let me know what I can do to fix this situation.

try it with the 32bit version ob ms office instead.

try it with the 32bit version of ms office instead.


I am running Office 2007 32 bit …

This is unbelievable. I could not get Navision2013 to print data to Excel. In my experiment test Chart of Account I did a send and print to Excel. Nothing - no data. I found this tip and applied it - and it worked! I had to go into Control Panel/Add Remove/ Change Navision 2013 and “Disable” Excel. When I did that mind you after I had enabled Excel - it worked!

Here is the original tip:

Just ran into the same problem. Fixed it by removing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Excel add-in.
Completely counter intuitive but go to control panel, programs and features, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and do Change, add or remove components then client and make the Microsoft Office excel add-in Not available. Print to excel 2007 will now work.
You can also search the registry and remove the entry’s for Microsoft Dynamics excel add-in, This also works.