how to Extract NAV data to excel

I have joined a company which uses Nav 4.00. As I am new in Navision & don’t have any idea regarding the steps required to import data from Navision 4.00 to excel. For example , I want to export “Chart of Account” in Excel. what procedure(s) , I should follow. Please explain in detail. Is it possible to export most of the data in navision to excel in order to have graphical view of the data.

Please be noted I have client license.

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First of all, be aware that version 5.0 (which should be released fairly soon) can automatically do exactly what you are asking, and so long as you are on support, the only thing you need to do is a client (exe) upgrade. I know that this does not help you now, but I mention it, just so that you wont invest a lot of time and development on something that is soon standard.

If you have purchases the Report designer, then your internal IT deparment should be able to use that to create the excel exports that you need. The first one taks a bit of time to work out, but from there on its pretty easy. But of course this is not the developer forum, so …

My recommendation is that in the short term, you just copy paste data to excel, and then once 5.0 is realeased, move to it and use the new feature.

  1. Go to the List form (F5)
  2. Click on Edit → Select All
  3. Edit → Copy
  4. Start Excel
  5. Ctrl + V


Hi David,

I’m not sure this is true, there are Navision Objects needed as well to make it run, so its not just a technical upgrade.

I’ll launch up my V5.00 image a little later and do a Technical upgrade on a Cronus 4.0, to confirm, but I am pretty certain.

I’ll report back my findings as soon as I get some time :slight_smile:


Just confirmed. did a Technical upgrade. Opened G/L Account, click the export to Excel button and it complained I had not setup a default Style Sheet for the application I was exporting too.

I clicked “Tools, Manage Stylesheets” and nothing happened, this is because the Manage Style Sheets form is form 690 which is not created as part of the technical upgrade.

I’m sure someone will come out with an object pack to resolve this, but I just wanted to temper expectations.


Another method I’ve found for quick export of simple data to Excel is Save as HTML. Use an existing report or create a simple list report yourself to list out the G/L Accounts, run the report and use the Save as HTML function. Open the saved HTML file in Excel, and turn on the grid, or select all and activate all borders. For best results use reports with no shapes or images.

Another easy way if you have ODBC or N/ODBC is go into excel

Data->Import External Data

login to the database - pick the table & TADA!

Navision 4.02 or 4.03 came with screens and reports that actually Exporrt to Excel.
See the Trial Balance report Options tab, last choice at the bottom (Print to Excel).

Microsoft website has a list of the screen or reports that can perform this function.

Also try the Account Schedule → Overview , this has the ability also to Export to Excel and Show a Bar Chart.

hi all

i have got many folders in drive i need all the folders name to be updated to navision Db and have to exported to Excel