MPS Planning worksheet

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In case of different routings using same work center, my observation is MPS planning worksheet puts those orders in reverse alphabetical sequence of product names.

For ex.

There are three orders for three products A, B, & C. The delivery date of all these orders is same.

All these three products need the same work center. Obviously, the operations will take place sequentially, that is one after the other. My observation in this case is, planning worksheet first takes product ‘C’ for production, then ‘B’ & then’A’. That planning worksheet uses reverse alphabetical logic while allocating the production slots.

Is there a way to change this criteria (of reverse alphabetical orders) & make ‘delivery date’ as a criteria for deciding priority & allocation production slots accordingly?

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Hi, I think you look at this wrong… It is actually planning ‘A’ first and allocates time backward… Let say you need 1 hour for each item in work center ‘W’ and Item has due date Wednesday. System will plan item ‘A’ first and allocate 5-6PM Tuesday (assuming your work shift finishes at 6PM), then it will plan item ‘B’ and allocate 4-5PM Tuesday, and then ‘C’ will be allocated 3-4PM Tuesday… If you look for schedule you will see kind of reversed picture: C: 3-4PM, B: 4-5PM, A: 5-6PM… From my point of view – sequence is irrelevant – all items will be produced on time…

Hi Valentin,

Thanks for your reply!

I agree with you…I meant the same…I could not put that in proper words…sorry for that!

But my actual doubt is can we change it. MPS uses the ‘names’ to decide the sequence but that does not make sense to me. It should use something like ‘Due Date’ to decide the sequence. The example we discussed had same due date for all the products so it was fine. But consider an example where due dates are different. Let me give you a situation in detail:

Products Required time for production due date

A 2 days 24th Feb 2011

B 2 days 25th Feb 2011

C 2 days 26th Feb 2011

Output which I am getting is

Product start time End time

A 22nd Feb 2011 23rd Feb 2011 (Allocates 22nd & 23rd for A)

B 21st Feb 2011 24th Feb 2011 (Allocates 21st & 24th for B)

C 20th Feb 2011 25th Feb 2011 (Allocates 20th & 25th for C)

It does like this because it uses the logic based on the ‘name’ of the product. I wish to see the output based on the ‘due date’ logic, which will be like

Product start time End time

A 20th Feb 2011 21st Feb 2011 (should Allocate 21st & 22nd for A)

B 22nd Feb 2011 23rd Feb 2011 (should Allocate 22nd & 23rd for B)

C 24th Feb 2011 25th Feb 2011 (should Allocate 24th & 25th for C)

This outcome is very necessary for the business scenario I am working into. Can it be done? If yes, how?

Please reply if anybody knows this. I will really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

  • Kevivteg.

What you are asking for is A to be made 2 days early, and B a day early. This would mean you would be purchasing prior to when you really need it based upon the start date of the order. The way NAV plans it is doing it by the requirement date backwards, it has nothing to do with the name of the product. A has a requirement of 24th, so it should be completed on the 23rd to enable you to deliver it on the 24th, the same is true of B and C, all based upon when you need it and nothing else.

Basically you cannot change it, you would need to modify the planning engine logic to do this.