Planning using Planning Worksheet.

Hi, Can anybody suggest the method of planning against a sales order, using planning worksheet. The problem being faced are: 1. when planning worksheet is run, all the items in the database will participate in the planning process. Even if you want to use you can use the filters based on the item card fields. In that case the materials required to manufacture the sales order items will not be planned. 2.There is always backward scheduling and it ends up most of the time with error message “Calender not available…” can anybody suggest the steps to plan using planning worksheet and against a single sales order. Thanks in advance.

Hi Set you requisition method for the item to Order.


The program generates an order for each individual requirement, and does not use the reorder cycle. When you use this reordering policy, the program creates an automatic reservation between the requirement and the corresponding replenishment order proposal. This will preserve the customized information on the relevant orders and link them for inventory and costing purposes. (Note that creating a manual reservation is the standard way for a user to set aside items in inventory and designate them for use in a particular order.) If you select this option, the program disables all planning parameter fields that otherwise would be used to calculate the order proposal quantity.

If you set your requisition method code to blank it will not be in the run - although naturally it will NEVER be in the run!


If you select this reordering policy, the program does not calculate order proposals for this item. The assumption is that you will plan for this item manually.

The demand will be planned from the sales order. Depending upon your routing and BOM’s the flush through will plan for everything required to make the order, so if youhave a three level BOM which the cumulative leadtime is 7 weeks - it takes seven weeks to make and will back schedule. Really we need more information on the requirements, item setup what you feel is wrong etc to advise properly, but I hope this helps you start.

Hi Steven, Thanks for the reply. However my requirement is as under: 1. I have received an Order from a customer for an Item A for qty 10 Nos. and with shipping due date as April, 10th, 2004.(04-10-2004) 2. Item A has got Prod BOM with components a1, a2, a3, a4. 3.All the items have the replenishment method as ‘Prod Order’ and Reorder Policy as ‘Order’ 4.As per the Routing, if I start manufacturing today(03-24-2004),it requires one month period. ie Manufacturing can be completed only on 04-24-2004. 3. I have created a sales order for Item A with qty 10 Nos. and shipping date as 04-10-2004. 4. Now, I shall run the Planning worksheet and would like to calculate both MPS and MRP, for only the items required to process above sales order ie A, a1, a2, a3 and a4. I donot want other Items to participate in the planning process. And the Prod Order for any of the items should not be scheduled before today. Can you please suggest how is this done? In case you require any additional details, I shall furnish. Thanks again.

If you only want the items you specify to appear in the process then you will have to manually tell the system this - only run the plan for items A, A1, A2, A3 and A4. Why do you ONLY want to see these items?

I have had the same request from my client to only plan for a specific sales order line item and the components for that item. I don’t agree with the the concept as you are not looking at the total picture, however I have been given advice from a Microsoft Navision manufacturing consultant that the best way of achieving this is to set up a dummy location on the sales order, then to do total regenerative MPS run, then filter on the dummy location, then do an MRP run. We have been doing this for the last few weeks and my client is happy with this solution. (Their exploded bills are huge - 28 pages of printout, so it is impossible to select the individual items). (By the way, we are doing this on 3.10A).

HI Margie I agree with you regarding the missing of the whole picture - it sort of adds a manual step in to a highly complex automated calculation. Does the client then alter the sales order location and the location of every production order to ensure the components are downdated from the correct location? Or do they handle this in another manner? Theoretically if you ran the planning function from the sales order to create teh production order and then always ran MRP ater each sales order it would have the same affect. No real easy standard way of doing this!

HI Margie, Thanks for the reply. 1.It did work when I used the Dummy Location for MPS. ie I could plan MPS exclusively against a Sales Order through Planninh Worksheet. 2.However, I am still facing the problem when MRP is run retaining the same Dummy Location filter. The problem is , system does not consider the existing quantity of the Components while deciding the planning lines. Did you face similar problem and any solution? 3.Also with regards to Calender Error and orders getting scheduled in the past problem, did you get any solution? Please reply. Thanks again. Vijay

Hi Vijay Margie is planning for ALL requirements for the order irrelevant of stock. Obviously if you want stock levels included you cannot load the order on a dummy location. Again you are back to defining the run JUST for the items you want the run for. I think for you specific requirements you are going to have to consider modifying the routine to allow you to process in the manner you want. Your calendar must go back as far as your earliest requirement, so ensure the units of measure and calendars are set appropriately on the machine and work centres.

Hi Steven, Thanks for the quick response. However my requirement is still to plan all the items required to manufacture the Item/s ordered by the customer and at the same time exlude all other items from participating in the planning process. Thanks again. Vijay