Movement Journal for Blank serialId

Hi All,

Develop a job/class to create 2 inventory movement journals to move the stock from the inventserialid tracking dimension to the blank inventserialid dimension. One of the journals will be for the receipt of stock and the other for the issue. The receipt journal will be processed first, allowing the issue journal processed second to have available stock.

For example, The onhand form has 10 qty with the serial number. I have to create receipt movement journal with blank serial id.

When processing the movement journal It will create new dimension without serial id in Onhand form. But it should blank the serial number in existing dimension and add the qty.

Please tell me the possibilities…?

Does that mean setting the serial number empty? (or) do you have a serial number with Id as Blank?

Will you be able to tell us the reason for doing this?

If you are serial tracking item why do you want a blank entry? Does the dimension group allow blank?

Thanks for your reply kranthi…

Serial number empty. to move the stock from the inventserialid tracking dimension to the blank inventserialid dimension

Thanks for your reply Adam. How can I update the serial id to null? Is it possible or is it advisable?

Please tell me how can I achieve this using code?

Does the blank receipt and blank issue allowed on the serial number? check your tracking dimension group.

I have checked the tracking dimension group and the serial number is enabled in tracking dimension group.

And I referred this link


Any suggestions…?


Any suggestions…?

Not advisable, the point of a serial number is traceability, if you dont need traceability dont track it. The movement journal should have the same serial number defined in each part, not null.

The link only says how to create a inventory journal using code and it doesn’t deal with the conversion you are trying to do.

If your dimension group is configured to not allow any transactions without the serial number then you cannot do it even using the code as it may lead to inconsistency.

Consider I am moving from one location(With serial number) to another(Without serial number)…For this, I have to add two lines with one positive qty(Without serial number) and negative qty(Without serial number)…

Is my understanding correct?

The serial number is on the item, not the location. Take your laptop, it has a serial number. Moving it from one location to another does not mean it loses the serial number. If you want to trace where the item is you need the serial number. Once an item has a serial number it should always have that serial number otherwise there is no point in having serial numbers :slight_smile: