Jouranl Line checking the new dimension

Hi All,

I am creating the movement journal using X++ code… I want to deduct 5 quantities in one dimension (Site-1 , WH-1, Serial number-123) using movement journal(Issue journal).I have inserted the journal line with the same dimension as mentioned above. But when validating via code it checks the new dimension(Site-1, WH-1, Serial number-123 Location - In_01) and throwing an error. Please refer the below screen shot…

Please tell me how to solve this…?

Hi All,

Any suggestions…?

That is a valid message if you have no stock. You cannot remove what you do not have. I see you are looking at serial numbers again, these are usually unique per item, so a 1:1 relationship, but you are trying to remove 5 of the same serial number? How would you trace this?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply…

I have 10 quantity on hand with serial number… I want to deduct this 10 qty so I added one journal line with 10 negative qty.

Then I have added another line with 10 positive qty without serial number…(No issue with this line)…

My question is why it is checking with this dimension (S-1,w-1 Serial no - 123, Loc-In_01) instead of (S-1,w-1 Serial no - 123, Loc-"") in Issue Line…

Am I missing anything? Please suggest…?

Your setup means you need to define the location dimension If you are not providing it the system will try to fill it from the configuration, you need to have stock. Look at the 10 you have on hand by the dimensions you control and ensure those dimensions are set in your removal.

Does that mean you have received the quantity without location? Blank receipt allowed?

If the blank issue allowed for the locaiton then you will be able to issue that without location.

I have checked the tracking dimension and both blank issue and receipt allowed…

But still, i am getting the same error…

Post a picture of the item on hand with all of the dimensions. The fact you have blank issue and receipt is not relevant if you have no stock in the blank location.

Very simply you do not have stock at the required dimension check level you have configured to remove the quanitty you have specified where you have specified it.

Manually raise and post a journal for that line

Same error when posting manually

And when you look at the line manually, and look at the inventory transactions, what is the location? If the error is the same it is trying to remove it from location IN_01 but your stock is in a blank location, you need to ensure the removal location is blank.