Blank receipt allowed/blank issue allowed


In the inventory dimension group, for the dimension, we can set up for “Blank receipt allowed/Blank issue allowed”. I was wondering if I enable this, so when receipt an item, there is no need to specify the dimension, but does that make potential problems when posting invoice/financial updates? What would be the best practice on these setups?


It depends upon the requirements of the business, some only track it outbound, so do not specify a tracking dimension when it is receieved. Likewise some will track it in, but not care about the issue. For me this defeats the object of traceability and therefore I would not recommend the use of this, however in the Dynaway service and maintenance module the item MUST be serial tracked to appear in a service BOM, so some items we have setup as serial controlled where a serial number is never selected (blank issue and receipt set) but this is an exception driven by software requirements and not working practices or business processes.