Batch tracking dimension

May I know the use of blank receipts allowed in batch tracking dimension in AX2012 R3? My setup is to allow blank receipts but do not allow blank issue. I was able to post receiving transaction without batch number but when I post issuance transaction and enter batch number, the system is giving an info log that there is no on hand inventory.
Pls help. Thanks.

Hey Isaiah,

The behavior you’re seeing is driven by the “physical negative inventory” checkbox on the item model group. Even though AX allows you to receive into a blank batch, it’s still tracking the batch number on that item. When you look at your on-hand form, you’ll see that there’s on-hand inventory with a blank batch.

When you try to sell inventory, not allowing blank issue means you have to specify a batch. Since there’s all this inventory in the “blank” batch, you don’t technically have enough to issue. In order to satisfy your demand, you’ll have to transfer material from the blank batch number into the batch number you’re trying to issue.

Does this make sense?

Hey Isaiah,

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The system will not allow you to issue, if the batch number is physically tracked(physical inventory is marked for batch number)