Manufacturing Setup - Bakery


I have the opportunity to implement NAV manufacturing for a bakery company, and could do with a few pointers on best practise for setting this module up for this industry. For example, they make cakes :

  • Requirement for 5000 cakes
  1. Mix the main cake mix ingredients in one machine to make a lump of cake mixture
  2. Deposit the cake mix in individual weights for each cake
  3. Bake the cakes in the oven (only so many cakes can fit in one oven)
  4. Decorate the cakes
  5. Place into packaging

I could just do with a bit of help on how the routings would look for this, particularly at the start of the process to make the cake mix. Should the cake mix be a sub-assembly with it’s own BOM and routing? I’m guessing ‘send-ahead’ will be involved here?

Any help greatly appreciated,

The mix can be common to the cakes, therefore it is better to treat this as an independent item used as a sub assembly. However you have no yield capabilities in NAV that you will need so you would need to consider this. The routing depends upon what you want to see, basically I have run this with one step prior to packaging, or in another case the depositing, baking, topping and packaging. Never bothered with the oven capacity, this is a process flow and the mix bowl controls the capacity so it will push forward, unless of course these are a bottleneck for you. You will need to consider batch control and how the packaging reflects this.

Hi Adam,

Many thanks for the reply. I thought the mix would have to end up as another BOM. The main aim of the solution is to compare actual output to expected output after each stage of the process - mixing, depositing, baking topping, packaging to identify where the wastage is occuring, and to ensure if we know they should make 500 cakes in an hour then ensure the actual output follows that.

Could you comment how this might affect the setup?

Also, is it possible to achieve the process in 1 production order, or with a separate BOM for the mix will we need 2 production orders?

Many thanks.

just an idea, you can setup as:

normally you have recipes for each type of cake you have, you can use production bom.

item CAKE A, production bom CAKE A:
ingred. 1
ingred. 2
ingred. 3
… and so on

routing : MIX —> DEPOSIT —> BAKE —> DECORATE —> PACK

if there is a possibility later you will add more ingredient, more than what is in recipe (or production bom) , you’d better use Manual flushing, else you can use automatic (forward/backward) flushing.
when you make first output on MIX you will have the partial outputs.

when you post outputs for every operations, you can always compare the next operation and previous one.

I would put the mix separate and on a separate order where it is independent, so it can go into more than one cake, which is true of most base mixes.

As Joe states you would need to output by stage and write reports comparing expected and recorded.

There are lots of yield and capacity considerations, but it really depends how they work - is the mix bowl a capacity constraint and also a batch identifier that needs to be followed to the end cake, or do they already know the reverse yield, so they use 200kg of base mix to make 500 cakes, rather than making 500 cakes and getting 450 at the end.

Any toppings I would manually record, but it depends, although I prefer the manual flushing approach it can be time consuming and at a mix level can be overkill.