Route operation, baking cakes

Hi everybody, I need to configure a route for production scheduling in AX2009 with the following criteria:

I have 8 ovens, each one of them have the capacity to bake 89 cakes in 24 minutes.

The difficulty I found is that it doesn’t matter if they are 89 (one oven) or 712 cakes (8 ovens) and any quantity in between, the operation will always take 45 minutes to be finished. Using setup time instead of process time would work if my production is not higher than 712 cakes…

But as this ovens are a shared resource, with 712 units to be produced or less, maybe 6 ovens are baking a product that takes 60 min, so I have 2 free ovens in which I can bake 534 cakes (89 * 6) in 72 minutes, and when the other 6 ovens are done with the previous product I can start the remaining 178 cakes and finish them in 24 minutes. Total 84 minutes for the 712 cakes.

Any suggestions on how to do this? Does AX2012 or 365 has better options for doing this?

Many thanks in advance


Hi Héctor

I dont have access to AX2009, but the only option you had was the capacity setting on the route (you have yours set to standard) and then it would look at the defined capacity on the resource to schedule - in your case the 89 cakes. You would need to look at that. AX2012 and D365O have taken this further with batch and resource batch but I have not played with them in a very long time, so you would need to have a look at them.

First question, have you looked at the route capacity setting to pull the resource capacity?

Hi Steve! no I didn’t, I will take a look and test. Many thanks!