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My client have the production unit of bakery and they have around 250 sales order daily with average of 15 lines item. we have two option two make the production from sales to production or from direct production order.I suggest them to take the “sales order line” report transfer to excel and consolidate the list through pivot table.

My question is this is there any way we make direct sales order to production without human interference or just clicking some button that all sales order go to production or something like that. May be my question is stupid but may be their some way out as in making the production order it take 3 hour to make as this is time consuming.Client have 2 delivery per day.

please tell me is there any way out that can help me.


Why aren’t you using planning?

ok, then i have to go through the manual of planning.

One more thing i want to know, that in making ane finish product, one item have wasteage of around 20%. So want to know in such item we have to define the waste in BOM line mean in BOM line that item is used 2 kg then we have to define 20% extra of it i.e 2400 gram and in the item master under BOM reference under Variable scrap i will define 20.

Is this all or i have to do more changes. Please advise

Define it in Veriable scrap = 20% if you want to consume 20 Kg + 2.4 kg

that means in the BOM line i have to define total of Finished good outcome plus scrap eg if the finish good comes out 2 kg and the scrap is 20%, then in the BOM line i have to define is quantity 2.4kg, right.


are asking about scrap for out come or input be clear…

You are in the bakery industry, you should be using the Process software and the yield setup.

i want to know at BOM line i have to mention the quantity with scrap value as i want 2kg in the finished good and scrap is 20% so un the BOM lIne i have to mention 2.4 kg or just 2 kg.

2 kg only…adn in scrap 20%

now in production order system will ask you to pick 2.4 kg

ok thanks

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thanks u once again

Can u tell me little about yeild setup in Axapta and from where i can read it.


there is no such setup with ax2009 untill you have Process manufacturing,

still by below suggestion you can use as yeild %

Yes you can do with Negative Qty in Picking List jornal,

But you have to Define that item with Std Cost and BOM. for example

You have Item A as an Input and Out come is B and C

You can define B as Bom item and A in Bom line with C(- Qty) as flushing principle finish

Let say Item A cost you 100 Rs,

And find out what is your % of B and C from A

For example from 100 Kg of A B and C is being Produce and Weight for B is 70 and C is 30 kg

So define std cost for C 30 Rs

and in Bom for C define Bom line A = 30 Kg and update cost for C on regular basis

so when you Complete production for item A syste will give you Item A with 70 rs and Item C for 30 Rs…

Same as you can devide Cost driver Costing for both

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i have defined the variable scrap for the item in the item master but when i am making the production order system is not asking for scrap and it only deduct the actual quantity from the inventory. Do i required some more setup for this. Please advise.


The scrap is on the BOM line as well, if you add it to the item AFTER the BOM is created you also need to add it to the BOM.

That mean first i have to define the varaible scrap on items first and after that we create the BOM. And now like i have already created the BOM lines then i have to add that quantity to the item in BOM line. If i add the scrap quantity to the BOM line What is the use of Variable scrap, and how can i generarte the reports on this.


If you had added it to the item it would AUTOMATICALLY been on the BOM line when the BOM line is created. Changes to the item from an engineering perspective should NOT impact on BOM as this breaks engineering control. The point is you set the item up correctly first, these are used as defaults on the BOM and then changed.

that mean i have have to define the scrap first then i have to make the BOM. Right…

Is there any other solution…

That is correct.

Any changes to the item must not impact on approved BOM’s this is a standard required control mechanism in any business. If you want to alter an item setting and have it propogate all BOM lines you need to write a modificaiton for this. Get the setup right and the BOM is right, get it wrong and you have to edit the BOM.

That means we have to define the Scrap value first and then create the BOM. Now tell what i have to do i have already define the BOM.