Production module

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Can anyone give me the brief about Production, how to create the production order and their respective posting(update the Production order).And the Basic Setup required.Just the brief so that i will start working on it immediatelly and rest i am also studing the manual.


Also i want to know what is the difference between site, warehouse and production unit in production context.

You ask for a quick overview but your second post immediately complicated it. The production unit allows the BOM to be non-site specific and allow work centre based consumption, in this way the routing dictates the warehouse the stock can be automatically back or forward flushed from. You see how immediately it is not simple? [:D]

Some simple steps

  1. Learn what a BOM is and build one.

  2. Learn what a route is and build one

  3. Load a production order, then go through the updates, but you need to understand each phase and the settings on the tabs when you make these changes.

yes it seems to be difficult, well thank you so much for ur support

Hi All

can anyone tell me item group posting profile for the Production as following are the accounts:

under Item in Process:

Picking list:

Report as finish:

Picking list offset account:

Reported as finished offset account:

Under costing:

Issue:(May be Inventory a/c-asset)

Issue offset account:(may be COGS a/c-cost)

Receipt:(May be Inventory a/c-asset)

Receipt offset account:(may be COGS a/c-cost)

Remember to use the search:


Do you have the idea of accounting for Production? Probably, it is a good idea to have some knowledge of that!

Thank you Adam for providing me the such a knowledgeable link


well i dont have much idea about the accounting, can u tell me from where i can get it or if possible u can explain me

Before you decide on the accounts you need to decide the driving force behind the ledger posting in the produciton parameters.

As i have start working on production module.I did the following things,please advise me if anything required.As we have the production of bakery products:

1.Item created in Item master with BOM type(eg Cake)

2.BOM details of the item through the BOM form.

3.Then Create the Production order just by clicking on new and selecting the Cake item.

But at the updating to Estimation it is showing the following error:

Production - Estimation

Production: 00000011_085

Production - BOM calculation

Calculating BOM

Item number: 200130204001

Error executing code: Wrong argument types in variable assignment.

(S)\Classes\ReqSetup\itemId - line 4
(S)\Classes\ReqSetup\newItemId - line 9
(S)\Classes\ReqSetupDim\newInventTable - line 14
(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\InventTable\Methods\primaryVendorId - line 11
(S)\Data Dictionary\Maps\BOMMap\Methods\calcVendId - line 15
(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\ProdBOM\Methods\vendId - line 3
(S)\Classes\BOMCalcProdLine\initParameters - line 10
(S)\Classes\BOMCalcProdLine\init - line 3
(S)\Classes\BOMCalcProdLine\calc - line 12
(S)\Classes\BOMCalcProd\calcBOM - line 14
(S)\Classes\BOMCalcProd\calc - line 18
(S)\Classes\ProdUpdBOMCalc\run - line 65
(S)\Classes\ProdUpdCostEstimation\run - line 56
(S)\Classes\ProdTableType\runCostEstimation - line 9
(S)\Classes\ProdStatusType_Created\runCostEstimation - line 16
(S)\Classes\ProdMultiCostEstimation\run - line 20
(C)\Classes\ProdMultiCostEstimation\main - line 14

Update has been canceled.

please advise what next i have to do does it requies some parameter setup


Looks like some modifications impacting or it was incorrectly installed - get someone technical to debug it