Managing promotions in food industry using D365F&O

Hi all,

i would like to have some suggestions on how I can manage all promtions that happen in the food industry ( Process manufacturing).

i.e : I have a customer ABC who delivers fresh food ( salad; tomatoes; etc…) to Distribution centers A1; A2; A3 etc… and i need to manage special promotions for those DC ( In**-**store Feature; Front page; multi-buy; loyalty program; cross promtions; everyday low price etc…


1. Do I need retail module to manage prices ?

2 what suggestions can you give to do that? do I need an ISV or i should be fine using all Trade agrements; trade allowance modules.

Any advice will be great


The retail module is better placed for promotions, but this is the price the retailer pays the supplier, not the end customer. Assess the actual requirements, in my experience the retailer monitors the price fluctuations they promote and purchase in a different way, with at times the purchase being a different product because the packaging illustrates the offer.

Thanks Adam for your reply. in my case, i want to control promotions that are inside stores like walmart or Costco which happen to be every week. so yes, prices are fluctuating each week so i am wondering how i can manage that situation ?

You update the promotions weekly :slight_smile: Obviously if you have a lot of transactions you may want to modify the trade agreements etc to cope with this. It goes back to the actual requirements and whether the promotion is a material one, cost etc.