Marketing & promotions

Hello everybody,

I’m using Dynamics Nav 5.0 sp1 and it’s been like 3months now. I’ve worked with several ERP-s and now i chossed Nav.

My problem is that i find marketing and promotions a very very poor menu that doesn’t almost serve u for anything. In that menu i can find only the fact that you can create a cmpaign with different prices or line discount. I hope that this is coming from my knowledges [8-|].

All i want to do is:

  1. To have the possibility to create promotions with quantities. egg.if customer buy xxx pcs he gets xx pcs free.

  2. To have the possibility to create promotions with turnover. egg. if customer reaches turnover xxx (in one bill) he gets x% discount.

  3. To have the possibility to create promotions with items. egg if customer buy product x he gets product y free.

Ive done the third and the first option in Sales order but that is a manual job that has to be done each time we are going to sell and it doesn’t solve my problem because we are selling by POS and i am not able to give that kind of information to POS (cash registers).

If somebody has some idea or knows from his own experience it will help me and other a lot.



NAV is not very strong in those areas, the campaigns are for marketing purposes and the pricing file is the pricing file. Having encountered them in the past your choices are to either to handle these manually, or to write modifications to handle business specific requirements. I have always been involved in the latter, but as a consultant, not a developer.

You can also achieve 1 through calculating discounts, so buy 5 you get one free is a 20% discount etc, but it is not what prople usually want.

Thank you Steve,

Any other idea [I] would be appreciated!

so, what you need more should be found in the POS already. what is your POS system? I Believe Microsoft Retail Management System (MRMS) can answer all your needs.