LS Retail functionality

G’day all!

I’m trying to understand some aspects of LS Retail’s functionality. Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advnace.

Some aspects? Can you please give a concrete question?

Functionality of the LS Retail includes a part called “Inventory management”. This part, for it’s turn, includes “Product distribution”,“Workshhets”,"Stock transfer, etc.

Does this functionality (“Inventory management” from LS Retail) require a standard (“Purchase & Payables”, “Sales & Receivables”,“Inventory”) functionality from Navision’s price-list?
Can I purchase “Inventory management” from LS Retail only to be able to create and post sales orders, purchase orders, etc?

I would guess that with the new pricing model this is now irrelevant.

I haven’t used it myself but my collegue did soem work on it and it is quite integrated with the sales and recivables and Purchase and paybles module of Navision so yes , you will need both Navision and LS retail’s Inventory management.

Hope it helps.

I have worked with LS Retail for a couple of years and it is integrated with inventory management. not as much with sales / purchase.

LS Retail has its own routines to post sales / purchase & day end statements.