Understanding LS Retail/NAV InStore Management Feature

Hi there … I was checking the site for possible topics and discussion on the InStore Management feature of LS Retail.

I’ve had experience implementing LSR … but that was a long time ago. For quite sometime now, I haven’t touched LS Retail. Now, I’m back into handling the system and was surprised to see a lot of new or improved feature. One of which is the InStore Management.

I would like to have a really good grasp on the subject. I would really appreciate any help that I can get on understanding the feature. I was able to download and get some materials on thru the partner source but it seems lacking in terms of how the feature really works.

If by any chance any one of you have a material on this one, I would really appreciate if you can share them with me. Please send me a PM, if you can send them via email.

Thank you very much.