Manage Volume discounts or promotions on Sales invoice documents

Hi all!

How can I change or modify my posted invoice document , to be able to see:

Volume allowances or discounts which are percentage of the subtotal order.

For example:

I have a sales order with 2 line of 10000 $ value each so the total sales order is 20000$ ( without any taxes).

At the invoicing, I have 2% ( of 20000$) of advertining and also 5% ( of 20000$) of promotion which I need to see on my invoice document . How can I modify

( little modifications if possible only on the report) , standard Nav document to manage that scenario


So you are actually processing these discounts through NAV? Sorry this is not clear what you are trying to achieve. Are you saying it is only a reporting discount and not reflected anywhere else in teh system?

Hi Adma,

Let`s me clarify. I want to be able to show on my sales document volume discounts ( ex: 5 % ) base on the subtotal of the order ( not a discount line) that I gave to the customer .

Hope its more clear

are you using line discount for the 2%, and invoice discount for the second 2% and you want to place an additional discount for the 5%?

Hi Taty

Still not clear I am afraid - where are you putting the 5% in NAV to get the correct subtotal on the invoice?

hI adam,

that’s why i am asking. My scenario is to be able to calculate volume discount (5%) from sales order total amount so the customer see’s that I gave him 5% discount . So how can I do that?

So you have looked at Customer - Sales - Invoice Discounts. This is based on currency, minimum amount and then a discount for the invoice. Standard functionality. Is this what you mean?

Thanks Adam . Yes partially . I need to be able to accumulate several type of discounts ( which are GL discounts ) and instead of having invoice discounts , i want to see each account discount on my order confirmation. It looks like it may be a customization, am i right.

Yes when you describe it as several types of GL related discounts appearing on the invoice this sounds like a modification, just remember to consider all elements and the item value (gl discount would not do this) and how you want to see this on what reports and where.