Fixed amount discount in purchase invoice


I’m using Navision 4.0 . My supplier issues me sales invoice with fixed discount amount. For example the total invoice amount is 4,567.00 they grant discount 67 and the net invoice amount is 4500. Do navision purchase invoice address this issue or we need to customize it. Thanks in advance.

I have never seen an automatic feature like that in NAV, so - a modification is needed.

Unless you can use standard: On purch-order, press F9 (Statistics); field “Total Excl. VAT” can be changed manually. The difference will be become Invoice Discount Amount…

Using Standard Vendor Purchase Code you can create a negative G/L account entry to post invoice discount.


You have to follow the normal process in Navision. As per your example I am giving the procedures :—

  1. Pick the said Item & qty as “1” & “Unit price” as 4567.00

  2. As the supplier issued the invoice with fixed discount, please put 67 in “line Discount Amount” field.

You would find the system update the required G/L accounts with 4500 after posting the entry.

Related to purchase register, please checked the “line discount %” & “line discount amount” fields in “Purchase invoice line” for reporting part.

This is right with a single Item on Invoice, but if Surya supposed a situation when several (or many) Items are on one Invoice and discount is given to Total Amount (example given simply rounds up 4567 to 4500), you may use Invoice Discount instead of Line Discount - actually, how you yourself will split these 67 between, say, 20 Lines(Items).

This is standard an can be found on already mentioned above F9 Statistics form. BUT:

  1. be aware to enter this Invoice Discount after all the Invoice lines are entered
  2. and then do not change anything in Invoice Lines
    or NAV will perform rather weird recalculations of your Invoice Discount !