Discount on posted sales/ service invoice

Hi all,

Some of our users forgot to apply discount on invoice , after they posted them , could we apply those discounts "Formally "?

PS : i mean without using General Journal because we need some statics and reports about the discounts applied in periods


If GJ is not an option in your case, the only way is to create a CreditNote by copying the posted invoice and posting it, thus canceling out the invoice with missing discounts, then create & post a new correct invoice including the forgotten discounts.

I suggest Discount posting is set up NOT to “No discounts”, otherwise only the final discounted Amts are posted and the above scenario will not change anything - but if you do analysis on discounts granted / received, my suggestion should be correct.


Modris is right.

Post credit memo for the invoices and create new invoices after applying discount.

OK, I just thought that there is an option in Nav for such case and i agree with you this is how we should process.