Customer / item discounts in sales /receivables

Dear All, I would like to ask you about Customer/Item discounts – discounts that apply for certain combinations of customer and item.I find these words from navision overview 3.7 but when I look for in NA 4.0 SP1, I can’t see it except Quantity discounts – discounts that apply when a customer buys more than a certain quantity of an item and Invoice discounts – discounts that can apply to specific customers and can require a minimum invoice amount in the sales button of customer card. Beside that, I want to know the function of VAT Amount Line, where this table is my concern when I want to fill inv. discount amount field in the sales invoice statistics and invoice discount amount field in the sales invoice line. The field calculate invoice discount is unchecked, but if I check it, the inv. discount amount field in the sales invoice statistics is disable.I also have used calculate invoice discount in the function button.Also, are the invoice discount amount used for item but not for G/L, resource and other kind of type field ? What is the function of discount % field in the customer invoice discount ? I can’t find it in the sales invoice line, I wish the discount % will be available in the field “line discount%” of sales invoice line. This really makes me wonder and want to solve but I can’t although F1-Help gives some explanation but not in detail to me. Any answers from you are welcome, tks. Rgds, Mark

Hi Mark Look at sales line discounts from the sales button of the item card.

With the discounts you have 2 types: 1 - per invoice as a whole 2 - on an item by item basis. The line % is the item one, otherwise it is removed as a discount of the invoice as a whole. The VAT tick box for invoices calcualtes the discount per VAT identifier or not, which can lead to small rounding differences. Any chance you could split the other questions out coherently? You seem to be asking about thirty without breathing [:D]

Dear Steven, Tks a lot for your answer. [:)]. Sorry…I will try to write more clearly next time. Rgds, Mark