location type question in AX 2012?

Hi, we have defined one isle and 3 locations A, B, C - A as inbound Dock, B as bulk and C as outbound {we have 1 site, 1 warehouse}

we receive all the raw materials (PO default to “A”) into location A and all the finished goods are put in Location C. Sub-assembly goes to “B”

We didn’t define any production input locations or inspection location.

When we create a production order, the location is set to “C”. What I notice is that, the raw materials are shown as being consumed from the location “C” instead of “A”. But the net quantity at the warehouse is correct as well as the financial amount.

Will this pose any issue with inventory close?

We had to manually change the location on the production BoM (for the components) then, the location shows deduction otherwise, AX shows as item is deducted from location “C”.

thank you

I believe it will pose issues with the inventory control, you are not physically tracking at location, but you should be in reality as you use it. Check your warehouse item and the default location and why C is being consumed from, and if you are manually consuming make sure the location is accurate.