Dynamic AX Location Confuse


I am new comer for AX 2009. Recent i confuse of how AX “location type” is using. Appreciate any help to clear my doubt.

  1. The environment is not using pallet/Area

  2. it simple use warehouse-> location to receive the PO (GRN) & drop the shipment from the same location.

  3. Reject item need receive into quarantine warehouse and after inspect done, need transfer back to correct location.

  4. Inventory qty need transfer from a site of location to a site of location.

  5. warehouse transfer from a location to a warehouse location.

Can help suggest me, what type of location (inbound, outbound, picking, bulk) should use for above all scenario?

Truthly appreciate the help.



picking would be fine I believe

Hi Adam,

Thks. i guess your advice is correct. I have test every location type and only found “picking” location can do all type of receipt, issue, transfer, include receive it into quarantine warehouse location.