Warehouse location need to define at purchase order creation?


Please help me understand why we need to put location at the time of PO creation? Why not receiving? As we put warehouse location at the time of PO receiving it reopens Po and system is asking for reconfirmation.



You do not NEED to put the location in at the time of PO Creation, I have never configured AX in this manner.

What version of the software are you using? If the primary stocking was set on the location this would work but this was redesigned later in AX2012.

Hi Prashant,

Do you mean that you create a PO (without putting location on the PO Line) and then Confirm it. Then, when it becomes time to Receive the PO, you add the location to the PO Line, and find you have to Confirm the PO again?

If so, it is only necessary to specify the location on the PO line if you are not specifying it some other way during PO Receipt. How are you doing PO Receipt?

Dear Prashant,

there are three things which you have to define, two while creating PO (Site and Warehouse) Location comes in picture while item receiving.

now how do you make the Product receive mean how you have define your receiving process is it directly from purchase order or it is done from item arrival journal.

if it is the item arrival journal then here u have to select the PO and specify Site, Warehouse and location. on basis of this information your all item will be register and then with function when you make product receipt then it will be received.

if you are receiving items directly from PO without register then you have to make sure that what dimension you are using in barcode, example in Barcode area your dimension is set for warehouse A and you have make PO for warehouse B then once you receive the items from PO without register process then all item will be receive in warehouse A instead of B.

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