How to default a location for planned orders AX

I have a few sub-BoMs to my parent BoM. All of them are tracking at Site, Warehouse and Location as a storage dimension.

when I generate master planning, I would like AX to automatically fill in the site, warehouse and location as well. for e.g. if it’s sub-BoM, then it should be location A, and parent BoM it should be Location B. Right now it sets to site and warehouse only.

I just couldn’t locate where i can set this up, Currently it shows the dimensions as site and warehouse only. I tried to modify that in the BoM line but only site and warehouse is enabled. Could someone point me?

Is it in the manage inventory settings on the Product? or dimensions in the BoM line. I can manully change to a different

location but I would need to automate it.4807.fig1.png


Did you selected Location in the Storage dimensions of Dimension groups?

You can setup locations at Item > Setup (button) > Warehouse items > locations (tab).


Hi Sarathy, yes. the Storage dimension is tracking site, warehouse and location. I am using AX 2012

So from Released product → Manage Inventory Tab–> Warehouse Items → locations tab

but i don’t see the locations for me to select. I have 3 locations defined 1) Raw, 2) Sub 3) Finished Goods. I have 1 site and 1 warehouse


what am I missing here. On the storage dimension, i didn’t select 'physical/financial at the location level (but enabled for site & warehouse). I have checked for both purchase and sale price to be used in TA. Please advise

You are not missing anything, you cannot add the location by design (the availability of the dimension is because it is a common form). You can add the default into the items warehouse item record, but that is the last thing you can do. Your selection above is telling it to issue them according to the default settings on the warehouse - so you would need to define this for all items.

Thanks Adam. I am bit not clear on the below: For my Raw, Sub and FGI locations i put my raw, sub assembly and finished item respectively.

so for e.g. my Raw material, what is the receipt, and Issue locations? for Sub item, what will be and for FGI?

Default receipt location

The default location that is proposed for inventory receipts on transaction lines, such as purchase lines and production lines.

Default issue location

The default location that is proposed for inventory issues on transaction lines, such as sales lines and production lines.

Also how could I transfer my items from one location to another within same warehouse?

transfer by transfer journal.

Setup your relationships and hten when you consume you will see what happens with the reservations and processing - defaults make no sense really in most scenarios at this level.

Hi Patrick,

Like adam said, Use Transfer journal to transfer goods from one location to other location within the same warehouse.

When you create Transfer journal > Click on Inventory & select the location dimension > say ok. it will display To & From locations. select the location and post it.