inventory location - manual update or location?

Hi, we have a site with single warehouse where plan on having two locations 1 for the receiving Raw material Loc_1 and other for storing produced item “Loc2”. I am trying to clarify few questions.

  1. in the inventory locations form, do we need to define input/picking areas, physical dimensions etc., Can I choose a manual and enter the location? Also in the ‘Other’ tab, i see destination location, which i couldn’t create. what are the implications if I check manual and create a location. {that automatically update the ‘destination’ in the other Tab. I also notice that the Tree structure doesn’t expand.


Appreciate if some one could throw some light on this.

Input and Picking are used when you use the WMSII functionality and pallets - shipments etc.

In your setup you can set it as manual and have two locations as they only seem to be holding locations and nothing more.

Did you receive any further information on this question? How does a Location name get entered when the location field is grayed out? What is the Manual Update check box for?

Thank you.

Sharon it is marked as resolved so the original poster got the answer they wanted and there is no further information.

The name is greyed out because it will be made up from the wizard or the definition as per the warehouse setup. If you don’t want this you tick manual and manually enter the location.