Linking Solidworks files to Item Card

Hi I am trying to link all our engineering drawings to the individual item cards

It works fine with Autocad drawings (.acad) but when we link Solidworks files ( .sldasm .sldprt .slddrw) the hyperlink fails

Can you link Solidworks drawings into Navision? If so can you please give detailed instructions that I can forward to our I.T dept

Hi Simon,

Following on from your other post

I beleive that you are using the HYPERLINK function. Check your default program for these type of files. To test that you have the correct program, go to windows explorer and nagivate to the file. Right-click and select “Open with…” and see if it has the correct application.

Hi, Yes am trying to use the HYPERLINK function, I am using solidworks e viewer to open the drawings as it will open all formats ie autocad drawings (.dwg and .dxf) and all solidworks formats.

So if i do an ‘open with’ on an autocad dwg and set it to open with e drawings then set the hyperlink in navision it works fine

if i do the same with a solidworks file and again tell it to open in e drawings the hyperlink fails

It works fine with pdf;s word docs pictures , spread sheets seems everything except solidworks files, I have spoken to Navision direct and they say its a solidworks problem , i find this hard to accept its a hyperlink thats failing, They told me to contact solidworks which i have done and as expected they heve never heard of it before and fail to see why it shold not work, At the end of the day its just pointing to a file and it knows what program to use to open it with.

Our microsoft navision support company say it can is tricky and cant realy be done???. I have looked around and come across .stx files in navision where you need to have all the file extensions in that navision understands, is this maybe something to do with it or am i completley in the wrong direction?

Hi Simon,

The .stx has the protocols for file extension it supports as standard. If you have a command line that works to launch the drawings, you can always use the SHELL command

Hi Dave

Unfortunatly I am starting to get out of my depth here,I dont understand any of the workings of Navision i’m a design engineer who just want’s to give easy access to our drawings!

In simple terms are there any limitations within navision that will restrict what files it will open using the hyperlink function

Sorry to repeat my previous question but is my problem related to the .stx files??

Hi Simon,

Nav does not support (as far as I know) this type of file. The workaround (for your partner to do) is to add a link/button and call a command prompt to launch the drawing viewer. This is one of code [;)]


SHELL( Text0001, ‘MyFilePath.slddrw’ );

where Text001 is defined as thhe executable path e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Classic\finsql.exe

and MyFilePath is the drawing file


You might want to take a look at our CAD-ERP data integration system. It will do what you want to do, and much more:

Hope this helps,

Ricardo Talbot
Elmo Solutions