Solid Edge

Hi!!! A client is working with a CAD software, called Solid Edge v.10 and wants us to upload the list of materials to Navision. Does anyone have experience with this software and could give us some hints? Thanks Margara

We once made a interface for demo purposes. A Solid Edge expert made an export-file in ascii wich we imported as bill of materials. Jos van de Werken Weha Automatisering b.v. The Netherlands

Were looking at taking drawings from Solid Works to import into Navision. Is this possible??



Hi Greg,

I won’t recommend storing the drawings in Nav as it could grow the database very quickly. Have you considered using the Link functionality by insert a link record and storing the drawings in a central storage location?

Hello Greg,

DaveT is correct. We made that mistake in the past and ended up removing the drawings. The database became blotted and slowed to a crawl.