Integrate CAD drawings and Navision Item Cards?

Hello, We are looking for a way to associate and integrate documents and/or AutoCAD drawings with item cards in Navision Attain. More specifically, our goal is to, with a single click on an item card, open the item’s respective drawing in an external application (like AutoCAD). Has anybody been able to do something like that? Perhaps with some drawing control software? We are trying to find out if it is even possible. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony

You can also connect to autcad via automation control. This way you can link your Autocad ‘Blocks’ to your Items and make calculations automaticaly I Navision. I did this 6 years ago at a formal employer and I know other NSC’s have done it. Regards, Mark

Hi Tony, Take a look at MatriksDoc they have an addon that does exactly what you need. I have used it a lot and its great.