Lead-time calculations giving unexpected Due Dates beyond Lead-times

When running either the Requisition or Planning Worksheet the Order date + the number of days Lead-time does not provide a Due date that match’s
e.g Order date = 17/11/2023 + Lead time of 10D so I’m expecting to see a Due Date of 27/11/23 but I’m seeing dates far in advance by up to 65 days difference to that expected?
Both Unit Cards & Stockkeeping cards have been checked so where else should I look to understand the unexpected Due Dates?

First check Inventory Setup for any Outbound Warehouse Handling Time (blank = 1 Day):

Check your Manufacturing Setup for any Default Safety Lead Time (blank = 1 Day):

Also, check your company calendar to ensure you haven’t restricted which days shipments can go out.

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Ben Baxter
Accent Software Inc

Thanks Ben, hate to sound like a dummy but where do I find this… (or maybe I don’t have access to it :slight_smile:

Search for Calendar or Base Calendar to be specific:

The other two screenshots include the Business Central setup area in the description above the picture.

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