Planning Engine Dates

I’m spending time trying to understand the planning engine in Navision this week.

Could anyone help me understanding how the start date and end date is being calculated I assume the Due date for an Item is always shipment date on the SO.?

I:e. if I have an order for item A with shipment date June 01,2009 and A is made out of Items B and C. how does the system calculate the start and end dates for all 3 items?

How does the lead time and routing get connected to the picture?

Can anyone suggest me the chapters on manufacturing manual which explains planning dates? Planning Chapter does not cover that part.

Thank you so much for your valuable time spent helping new comers like us.


It is (depends on whether u have all this in ur setups or not)

  1. Lead time for Manufacturing

  2. Lead time for Raw Material (means days u will receive)

  3. Shop Calendar code (if u have offs)

  4. Base Calendar Code (for an organization, but 3 & 4 usually r same)

  5. Times mentioned on routing lines e.g. if my total run time is 9 hrs and i have only 1 shift of 8 hrs then my shipment date will be next day. On top of this u have other times as well on routing.

  6. Warehouse Inbound + Outbound Handling time.

  7. If u allow tolerable fall-offs in terms of qty and time u allow .

And i doubt that i might be missing here something. [:D]

If u want to understand complete engine go thru all pdfs of Mfg as well as inventory Mgt plus Some Trade pdfs to catch this all in total. At one place it wud be difficult to find all info.

Hi Kapil,

Appreciate your quick reply specialy 'coz it was my 1st question in this forum and ur post means a lot for me [:)]

it gives me the understanding on where i got to focus on.

I might come back to you in couple of days after dealing with all related training documents.

Thanks onces again!

Welcome to the DUG and Best of Luck !!!