Due Date in Released Production Order!

Hello Folks,

I have an Issue in Released Production Order: Navision Version 4.0 (SP3)

  1. Due Date in Released Production Order automatically rolls back ward to one year when “Released Production Order” is “Refreshed”

For Instance: When a Released Production Order Dated “15/01/08” is refreshed the Due Date automatically changes from Current work date “15/01/08” to 14/01/07"

My Investigations:

I have checked for lead times in “Item Card & Manufacturing Setup” and I found that no Lead times have been setup.

This only happens to one or two specific Items which are linked to a specific Vendor.

I noticed that it only happens when an Item is assigned to a work Centre to a specific Vendor (Work Centre Card-Scheduling-Shop Calendar Code)

I am not so familar with Manufacturing so I have no Idea what is wrong!! Any help in this Highly Appreciated.




Ending date comes from routing, lead times and calendars, then add one day to ur starting date that becomes ur due date. Now for ending date u can check Lead times, routing times from ur routing lines. Click in prod order → Line → Routing see ending date on last line, take the break of time it is consuming, due date would come automatically.

Thanks Khanna, let me follow your method and see if I can resolve the due date Issue.

Kind Regards,