Handling & Shipping Time half working

Trying to set up sales ordering to plan in the correct dates. I’ve set up the location Outbound Warehouse Handling Time (2D) and the customers’ Shipping Time (2D), and the calendar. Works OK when a requested delivery date is entered (planned shipping date is 2 working days before, shipment date is 4 working days before). Doesn’t work for ‘immediate’ orders (no requested delivery date) - planned shipping date is 1 day after entry, planned delivery is day after that. Why’s it ignoring the 2D handling time & 2D shipping time for immediate orders, & how do I fix it please ? Trying to get good information in with a view to monitoring warehouse performance against targets. Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris What version and hotfix are you running? Running it on 3.70 where I have set an outbound warehouse time of 2D and no shipping time or no requested delivery date, if the order is the 21/01/05 I get a planned shipment date of 23/01/05. So its working for me [:D]

Thanks for such a prompt response. 3.70 with manufacturing & warehousing, and fettling by assorted ‘solution providers’, now departed - not sure about hot fixes - how do I tell ? You mention no shipping time - but that is what makes it work when I do have a delivery date. I tried erasing the shipping date, and yes, it does then calculate the outbound handling correctly - but I need both to work: For an immediate order (no requested delivery date) the goal is to ship 2D after receipt of order. For a future order (requested delivery date more than 4 working days away) the goal is to ship 2D (shipping time) before planned delivery date (=requested delivery date). How do I get them both to work ? Thanks, Chris PS how do I lose the annoying smileys from this entry form?

Hi Chris Apologies I was trying to strip the issue down to the basics as I saw it. When I now enter the shipping time it does not use it - or if I enter the shipping time against the agent service being used. They had lots of issues surrounding the whole date calculation in 3.60/3.70. In version 4.0 the shipping time is copied from the agent service defaulted on teh customer, it is also then used to calcualte the planned delivery date from the planned shipment date. I believe the changes were made in the following areas:


Table 246 Requisition Line Table 5742 Transfer Route CodeUnit 5404 Lead-Time Management CodeUnit 99000813 Carry Out Action CodeUnit 99000886 Capable to Promise

But my advice is to get you NSC to analyse the differneces in these areas between 3.70 and 4.0 and retrospectively work the code back into your version. If it is any consolation it is not something you are doing wrong. You cannot remove the smilies to my knowledge [:D]. You can find your hot fix reference on the end of version list in code unit 1, as a rule. Or have a search in the forum - you can find it other ways I believe.

Thanks code unit 1 version list, by the way: NAVW13.70.00.15,NAVGB3.70,BDO1.00,M&Ms 1.00 the last 2 tags are from our solution providers - we haven’t installed the service pack

You may have done, but as your solution provider has altered the version list they may well have removed the hotfix reference. I am sure you can locate it in other ways I just do not know how myself!

Hi, Looking at the code unit 1 referrence you have give, you are running hotfix 15… Unfortunately after HF15, MBS stopped issuing Codeunit 1 as part of a *.fob for hotfix releases (But still do for service packs and major releases) so to find out if you have any later hotfixes you will need to filter in the “Version Reference” field… @NAVW13.70.00.16 or @NAVW13.70.00.17 This will show any relevant objects. Hope this is of help.

Knew it was somewhere in there - thanks again for your useful insight Edward. Hopefully catch up with you soon again as well. Steve

Thanks - have 16, not 17. Chris