Keyboard Shortcut for forms


Can any one help to get the key board shortcut to maximize or restore the navision sub windows?, I mean, the forms or report windows.

I can resize the navision and minimize by key board, but, how to resize sub-windows or forms using key board?.

Welcome to DUG.

Did you try

  1. (Alt+F)

  2. (Left Arrow)

  3. (X) ?


thanx for the reply. but, that is for navision main window resizing right?..

we can do the same by alt+apcebar+X - maximize- or R - restore- or N - to minimize.

use this is for any other applciation too…

but, resizing the inner winodows, I have not yet discovered. :frowning:

No…it is for maximizing the window which we open at right…like object designer or forms…

Left arrow refers to

It worked now… and found the rest too, to toggle between minimized forms.

Thank You. :slight_smile: