Window Size / Form Behaviour

Hi All I have two questions about the Navision window and forms: 1.)Is it possible to get and change the Navision window size (e.g. maximise)? 2.) Unfortunately it can be happen that a form is moved with the mouse to the top of the window (xPos= 0, YPOS = 0). Then the caption bar is hidden by the symbol menu. The same can be happen if the size of the form is larger then the size of the window (e.g. small resolution 800 x 600). I you have downloaded the HiddenBitmaps - form then you know what i mean. There is no chance to get down the form with the mouse. I know two possibilities to get form back (down): - delete the zup - file - made a change in the form an save Does anybody know how I can manage this with the keypad (without deleting the zup or changig the form)? Any help will be appreciated. bye André

Hi Andre! It’s really time we open our private forum [:D] Pressing ALT- (that’s the “minus” key) will take you to the window menu of the current form. From there you can use the keyboard to change the window’s position. Use the cursor keys to move the window around and press enter (or switch to the mouse) to place the window on its current position. might be helpful. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with your other questions.

Hi André, please try that: - F10 - Cursor down - Cursor left (until you have a System-Menue at your unmoveable Navision-window - Choose Move window - Move window with Cursor down,… - Press Return-key br Josef Metz

Hi Andre There are properties on the form - MinimizedonOpen and MaximizedonOpen, Minimizable and Maximizable. If you lose the top of the form you can move it back by depressing keys Alt and - (Minus) together, then select move. You can then move the form back down either with the mouse or using the down arrow. Hope this helps. Regards Jan

Hi Heinz, Josef & Jan Cool boys [8D]! Both ways (ALT - & F10) did her job with form move. Thank you @Navision: It would be better if this problem couldn’t appear! [}:)] bye André

Hi Andre Girl, actually ! Regards Jan

Hi Jan


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Hi Andre Girl, actually ! Regards Jan

Uops! Sorry! Jan is a German male name.(I guess not only in German) I apologize for this mistake! A tip: Set the ‘Gender’ - property in your profile to avoid such mistakes. Thank you again bye André