Hello all, Has anybody eve used a forms “MAXIMIZEDONOPEN” property from C/AL code and did get expected results ? I would like to find out the exact size of the available client area in 4.0.

You can use it for this. Basically, it is pretty straight forward…When the form Opens it Maximizes it (any all other forms you have open) as if you hit the Maximize button. I think you just have to watch where you determine the size as the Height/Width properties are not updated until after the form is rendered.

Unfortuantely that is what I expect but I do not get it. Navision seems not to be very impressed by myself calling the code (neither from “OnOpenForm” trigger nor from outside before the runmodal stuff). Actually I hate to use maximized windows as all windows in Navision are maximized then. I would like to determine the client area manually and set the width/height properties of the form manually. Either in the “OnOpenForm” trigger or before that.

I used 2 forms for that purpose. Set the MaximizedOnOpen to Yes in Properties of first and Maximizable No for second. Then opne first, close it (all windows will be maximized), then open secon and close it (all windows back to normal). The tricky part here is to communicate the maxinmized form height and width back to calling system, as the height and width properties are NOT set by the Navision before on immidiately after opening the form… I had to rely on timer event to do the job. I neded the window sizes to make 2 or more synchronized tiled windows what user could browse in sync.

Thx, Urmas, that is what I was looking for.