Job Purchase Credit Memo


nice to meet you all, this is my first post in this forum. [:D]

so here is the problem, my user posted the wrong purchase order with job attached on it, so instead of using undo receipt, He created the invoice and post it and then make a credit memo for it.

and the problem appears, when He wants to post a purchase credit memo there is an error message. It says, “appl.-to item entry must not be 0 in purchase line document…”

and when I want to fill the appl.-to item entry field, there is nothing in there. I assume that the item is already used in the jobs.

I hope you all can help my problem and sorry for bad english [:(]

thank you.



Hi Pratomo

When you use Job no. along with Purchase invoice, Navision automatically posts a negative adjustment entry along with the Purchase receipt. System assumes that this particular item is going to be consumed for this specific Job No. This Is the reason you are getting this message. This cost is allocated to the job already and now you have to sweat out to flush all these financial transactions out from the Job. Probably an item positive adjustment with purchase credit memo without Job no. and a job cost adjustment journal will do??

Hi Tony,

thanks for the response.

Does the item positive adjustment will work? I already tried job cost adjustment and it works, but it is only adjust the cost of the item. The inventory are still empty. so in this case what should I adjust in purchase credit memo because the item is not in the inventory?

well since I have this problem for weeks, I’ve noticed that if I un-checked the exact cost reversing in purchase and payable setup, the credit memo worked and its automatically adjust the job cost, but since almost all of our item costing is average so un-checking exact cost reversing is a bad idea.

any idea?



Hi Yosa,

If you have already cleared out the Usage from the Job Ledger Entries, then you should remove the Job No. on the Purchase Credit Memo.