Undo receipt

hi all,

Ive posted a sales order witouth stock for an item. Then Ive posted a purchase order for the same item so there is an item entry with a remaining Quantity zero. If I try to undo receipt, the systems shows me an error because that remaining quantity is not equal to 1.

Do you know how I can do it?.


i did not find a solution other than credit memo

If you are running 5.0 then you should be able to use the application worksheet to apply the sales to a diffferent positive entry. This will free up the purchase entry and allow the undo to proceed. If’ you are not running 5.0 then there is no way to do what you are asking.

Credit memo will solve it. But I have to admit that application worksheet is an excelent tool.

hi all,

I use the 5.0 version but I can`t run this function because of the license (I have an development license). Do you know about this subject?.


Your license should have access to all objects. Your license was upgraded to NAV 5.0?

thanks Nuno,

No, that license wasn`t upgraded, now I understand it.

Even if you upgrade your license, you shouldn’t be able to use this functionality… why?, because I suppose you don’t have the development license on the server, you’re surely talking about a local BD. :frowning: