Why do not purchase credit memos write in job ledger entry?

Hi everybody,
with nav 6.0.

I post a purchase invoice with an account line joined to a job. The system writes a line in Job ledger entry.

I create a purchase credit memo which takes this line from the invoice, is applied to this invoice… and then I post it… But the system neither writes a negative line in Job ledger entry nor cancel the old line some ways…


is this a bug? how can I get my job to get correct?



It works fine here with me. I’m sure that you are missing something in the process. Did you check that the Job No. and Job Task No. are actually filled out on the lines?

Yes I did.

Did you use articles (it works also with me) or accounts (it does not work)? I’ve searched for some setup about Jobs, but did not find anything.

I use the Italian localization. And filled out Job No. and Job Task No.

thank you for your answer