How to reverse Sales Credit Memo

Hi guys,

i have a user that had input item manually instead of using functions to get return receipt lines in sales credit memo, in the end stocks return to our inventory become twice the quantity. As such can we use a item journal to make negative adjustments to the quantity?

Or anyone got a better idea?

There should be no issues with using an Item Journal to relieve the inventory that I am aware of. Just be sure your Balance for the customer is correct and that you didn’t credit their account with twice as much money as well.

hi Matt ,

maybe if i should do it in second method using sales invoice?

in invoice, my guess for creating invoice to offset the credit memo:
create sales order> copy document from credit memos/ posted credit memos (all items will be copied over)>
we take out the lines that is redundant> post it! and that’s about it?

but though it will adjust the inventory back but in terms of g/l and value entry i am not sure will it get any affect?
Or the above assumption is wrong?

You can do the invoice method as well. It is the more traditional way to do it.

Hi matt,

thanks for the enlightenment, using item journal way will it auto make adjustment to customer ledger entries?

as all cr. memo line are issued to different customer, sorry i had not mention this earlier.

No, it’s an Item Journal. It only affects inventory, nothing to do with a customer. Sales Documents, like Credit Memos affect customers. They also affect inventory if they have Item lines on them.

hi matt,

though invoice is a tradittional method but i think it ensure consistency between item inventory as well as cutomer ledger entries/ balance…