Serious question with Applies-From Entry in Item

I have a problem where the item ledger does not apply item transactions together. The client is using average cost as their costing method. 1. Post a sale/negative adjustment to to a new location 2. Enter a credit memo/positive adjustment with the same quantities, use the Applies-From Entry (Appl.-From Item Entry) to apply against that negative inventory 3. Post the journal 4. If you look up the item ledger, you’ll find that these 2 entries are still marked as open! How do I apply these item ledgers together?!?!

Hi What version are you using? Do you have stock when posting the sale? Is the credit memo on the same loaction? Just before I run through it!

Hi Steven, I’m using 3.7A. I’ve created a brand new location so there was 0 stock in this new location when the sales was posted. Yes, the credit memo/positive adjustment was to the same location and to the same entry using the Appl.-From Item Entry in the sales credit memo, or Applies-From Entry in the item journal. Thanks!

Hi Okay I believe I understand the concept here, but you may need to look at the code. [:D] When you sell an item you must have it so sell (fair enough [?]) In your example you had nothing to sell and sold something. You then returned the same item using the applies from item entry field. I believe this field ensures teh costing is correct on the inbound matching the outbound - exact cost reversing. However the entrues cannot actually ever be applied to each other. The credit memo return will remain open until the item leaves stock, so if you process a negative adjustment or resell it the credit memo transaction will be closed. The initial sale transaction will remain flagged as open until you book in the stock that you originally sold. Naturally the returning of the sold item could never be considered as the original positive transaction that enabled the sale in the first place. I feel if you could apply these two together in the format you referred to it would cause you issues. In your example you would have no open transactions with stock physocally of one but none referenced in Navision. Does this help?

I can understand your explaination. However, if that was the case, then why would Navision apply the entries together if the Applies-From Entry is NOT filled in? Whereas the Applies-To Entry works exactly the way one would expect it to… In our case, the client made an error and wanted to reverse this transaction thinking that using the Applies-from Entry will do the exact cost reversal. So now, they’re left with 2 open entries that should’ve been applied together but are not applied together. The only way I can see how to fix this is do a positive adjustment and a negative adjustment to close out these entries.

Hi I believe you are correct with regards to the correction method. You would need to investigate the code with the applies from entry selected. My guess will be that without this Navision closes the oldest open transaction balancing out the one you are processing, however with this ticked on it must do extra checks, or maybe it simply should close it but does not and is a bug [:D] - have you asked MBS?

Well… I can definately go into the code and find out exactly what the problem is. However, from the user standpoint, this is not expected from the norm. I assume that if I’m applying a particular entry, it’ll actually be applied to that entry. I’ve reported this to MBS already, but haven’t gotten a response yet. I’ll keep you guys posted.

The official MBS response is that this is not a bug. They said that the system was not designed to handle sale to a negative stock. That response seems very disappointing to me… Be wary regarding the Applies-From Enty function in Navision people. You’ve been warned!!! [B)][xx(]